A New Dawn For Sunny Isles Beach
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Verzasca Group

Verzasca Group is a privately held firm with direct hands-on experience in the acquisition, development, financing, operation, and marketing of residential and commercial real estate. 

With a portfolio of over 10.000.000 sq. ft. of construction area around the world, we are committed to high quality construction in residential neighborhoods, schools, office buildings, shopping malls and hotels in Florida and beyond, meeting the ever-growing need for new housing and commercial centers which offer the highest caliber of living.

Our commercial and residential projects draw from and enhance the best of each community, using materials of the highest quality and relying on the industry’s finest architects, designers, landscape artists, and craftsmen to deliver modern beauty and simplicity for a value that’s no less than impressive.

Revuelta Architecture International

The acclaimed firm of Revuelta Architecture International leads the vision of South Florida’s residential, hospitality, and commercial development. With capstones located throughout the Miami Beach area, their commitment is founded on preservation, revolutionary ideas, and the combination of economically sound and aesthetic solutions for local and national clients.

Antrobus + Ramirez

The internationally renowned design team of Antrobus + Ramirez bring the vision of making interior design not simply an aspect of living, but an experience for private and residential clients throughout the Miami Beach area. With additional accomplishments in luxury fashion and product branding across numerous creative mediums, Antrobus + Ramirez deliver clients a unique blend of artisanal comfort and contemporary artistry to give identity to their ideas.

Nielsen Landscape

Nielsen Landscape Architects is a boutique landscape architectural firm that creates unique outdoor environments for resorts, private homes, and public spaces. We integrate ecological principles and processes into the built environment to ensure that natural systems for water, energy, food and other resources are designed to complement and benefit the surrounding living systems and communities. Paramount to our mission is our commitment to providing exceptional service to ensure responsive communication, detailed project management, and comprehensive construction oversight.